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Hey all. I'm looking for HZD ringtones and/or themes for my android phone. Anybody got any leads?
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I have friends

I have friends but i need friends for the playstation4
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Add me on play4

Add me on playstation4 tameneptune032 thats my playstation name codbp3,fortnite,gta5,friday the 13th the game,assassin's creed origins,farcry5 and more.

I need more friends😂🤷🏻‍♂️
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Aloy & Nil makes the perfect partners is crime
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should i (attempt to) do fanart?

  • sure why not
  • nah
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Ps4 tameneptune032

Anybody have fortnite on playstation4 i want more friends.
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Art work

Looks dope
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The truth

Guys i don't have horizon zero dawnbut i love the game but am gonna get it soon
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Powerful weapon?

Please tell anyone which weapon is affordable and most powerful to use ??
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Another way to play the game now that you know *spoilers*

If you’ve beaten the game you know that killing the machines is what caused Hephaestus to make them attack humans and make combat machines... what if you played a new game but didn’t kill any machine (unless you absolutely had to as part of a required quest)? Maybe overriding would be ok, only if it didn’t cause them to attack/kill each other.

It would be quite interesting way to play it I think. Might actually end up being a speed run or something...
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Worth it

Is it worth buying? Please reply
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This is USELESS!!! You just WASTE time of your LIFE! ( Sorry for this )
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I love it this art.

Im in love 😍
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Melee Weapon Treatment in the Future

The way that melee Weapon is handled in the game is sort of missed opportunity in my eyes, so here is how I imagine it should be dealt with in the future:

*There has to be at least a basic and a specialized melee Weapon.

To understand my point here, we have to look how the current game implementation melee combat: It sacrificed variation for a near seamless integrity with Ranged Weapon controls, the only separation is the L2 button. This has its advantages that I don't want to remove, and such rather than completely changing it, I want options to be available through the implementation of basic and specialized melee Weapon

Basic melee Weapon is essentially the same as Aloy's current spear, an instrument of close range combat that is always ready. I wish that the next installment would have it as a sword or a machete. The idea of basic melee Weapon (as opposed to Specialized) is that it is basic; it does light and heavy attacks, Critical Strikes, basic assassination moves and simple upgrade roadmap.

The Specialized melee Weapon on the other hand will be treated as a "proper" weapon, meaning it will have to be equipped through the weapon wheel, I imagine it as a spear of greater length than Aloy's. When this weapon is equipped, all basic melee Weapon function is transferred from the sword/machete, plus Ranged weapons are omitted from the control scheme. This means giving access to the L2 button for close range combat function, it could be anything: trick attacks, blocking, parry etc, which gives the Spear greater versatility with the cost of quick access to Ranged combat. The Spear might also have greater damage, range and modifiability to give it an actual edge over the sword.

*Learn a thing or two from God of War

God of War could do so much with combat utilizing Shoulder buttons. Some possible variations that I could see implemented in HZD is the "Hold" and "dodge attack". Holding mechanic haves you do a different and rather advanced move as opposed to just tapping the same button (R1 or R2), maybe this could work in a HZD game as in input for stun attacks, 360 spin attacks and other things? Dodge attacks is what it is: a special attack move that follows up an evasive maneuver. HZD only goes as far as making the animation possible to have Aloy strike right after rolling, but nothing of it feels special, there should be an effect like sweeping enemies off their feet or something.

*More modifiability

Instead of just damage boost, the melee Weapon (or at least the Specialized one) should have options to have its other attributes improved or changed; better handling, concentration for Tear damage, changing elemental property...

What do you think?
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So I just beat the game, now wondering...

I beat the game and TFW, 100% both of them... I’m wondering... I played the game on normal and thinking of starting a new game+ on UH... just how hard is UH? Is it obnoxiously fake hard or is it, “don’t make too many mistakes” hard?

I want to use the Shield Weaver (even though it’s a little cheap) but also have a full stealth build outfit too and wondering if that would be better?
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