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Any admins or moderators on this Fandom

Seems Pretty dead theirs a guidelines although no one seems to be following/enforcing them
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Your feelings about sequel

What are your feelings as for sequel? You are so excited about it that you would like to play it even tomorrow, or you would rather like that Guerilla take their time, think about everything and deliver us title polished in every aspect. Please, write below ;) I really would like to play it now, but on the other hand I want to see that Guerilla make something amazing. I wish them GOTY, because it was so close last time, and HZD absolutely deserved it, but Zelda took it, nah.
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โ€ข 12/7/2018

Horizon: zero dawn

Tell me in the comments below what makes it awesome for you
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โ€ข 12/6/2018

Your favorite machine to kill?

Just answer the questions ๐Ÿ‘†
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โ€ข 12/4/2018

Thoughts on item icon

I canโ€™t be the only one who thinks the โ€œ[[ancient necklace]]โ€ looks like a pacemaker, right?

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โ€ข 12/3/2018
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โ€ข 12/3/2018


Guys, do you think if Bast survived, he and Aloy would've become friends

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โ€ข 12/1/2018

tq bosku

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โ€ข 11/25/2018

Gathering power cells.

Hi guys. Is it possible to achieve power cells without doing main quests? and how can i beat stalker easily.
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โ€ข 11/25/2018

Aloy's "Upon sighting" quotes

In the wikia, when I look up Stormbird or Thunderjaw it has a quote of what Aloy says of a certain machines, yet in my playthrough I've never heard her talk about a stormbird or thunderjaw, only the usual of either getting spotted or doesnt say anything even though I sneaked by, tried waiting around but just talks of the weather or day cycle. How do I get her to say those quotes? I'm also playing on UH if thats the reason.

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โ€ข 11/22/2018


Are the lodge bows better than the banuk bows?
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โ€ข 11/21/2018

So, how did Redmaw come to be?

Redmaw, the exceptionally dangerous and elusive Thunderjaw made me curious of something... How can this machine outperform the rest of its kind so well and why there's only one of it?

Redmaw is an obvious play on the "Legendary Animal" trope in HZD, the problem is, Redmaw is a hive-minded machine manufactured with mechanical precision, not a biological lifeform with genetical lottery, personality and independent thought. So how come Redmaw accomplish feats that similar units built with same exact blueprint fail to do? Why is the thing such an effective Thunderjaw?

With the Claws Beneath, I get, it's a rare Daemonic variant of Rockbreaker, but everything we know about Redmaw says that it's a regular Thunderjaw. If it really is different, why didn't HEPHAESTUS build more of Redmaw? Did the machine become a lasting legend by pure streak of coincidence?

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โ€ข 11/21/2018

Zero Dawn 2

Will it come or not if it's a no then I will die.
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โ€ข 11/17/2018

Des franรงais ?

J'aurais besoin d'une info svpl
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โ€ข 11/16/2018
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โ€ข 11/15/2018

Do you think the Sequel's main human antagonist will be a Far Leftist?

We've faced Helis and the evils of Shadow Carja who are obvious representation of stereotypical Far Right evils (enforcing destructive conservative values, religious zealots, running society for the benefit of the marginal upper class).

Do you think it is likely the the next human villain will actually be someone who takes Aloy's progressive feat too far? Erasure of all established culture, violent rebellion to take revenge on ruling groups and the likes... What do you think?

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โ€ข 11/9/2018

Monster Hunter: World Collaboration Third Phase is Here!

For you Horizon: Zero Dawn fans who also play Monsters Hunter: World on PS4, there's a good news and a relatively bad news...

The good news is that the third collaboration quest between HZD and MHW is live now for a limited time. The reward of this quest is a ticket that let's you get two things:

1. Aloy Gamma armor. It is essentially the same special full-set exclusive armor as the first one, except it has tweaked skill points and endgame stats, having 64 base defence per-piece instead of 46. My short review? This armor is one of the most reliable armor for certain playstyle, it got the Marathon and Weaknesses exploit skill at full level without decorations with skills from previous incarnation also leveled up. This is Aloy her best in guest appearance.

2. Unlock Aloy's look as an applicable skin on any equipment being worn.

The bad news? The quest to get this ticket is rather difficult one even in comparison to recent new content. Imagine tackling 2 Corrupted Thunderjaws at once.

That's all folks!

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โ€ข 11/3/2018

FW answer Sylens and Hades ?

Does Frosen Wilds answer the mystery involving Sylens and Hades ? I mean, when we finish the first game, Hades escapes and goes to Sylens. why? And what does Sylens do with him?
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โ€ข 10/23/2018
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โ€ข 10/20/2018


When do yโ€™all think the sequel will be announced?
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