FROM: Travis Tate
TO: Elisabet Sobeck
SUBJECT: "Noise Complaints"

Color me confounded, Lizzy. Bashcore? Anyone who says the ol' TT codes to bashcore is straight-up lyin', and you know it! Ol' Trav don't have no truck with commercialized razzle-dazz, nuh uh! Heck, I'd rather guzzle a liter of Citarum runoff than listen to Grey Swarm for thirty seconds! Hand to God and swear on my momma's grave - and she was religious!

Naw, that ain't bashcore blastin the HADES lab, shaking the walls, rattling folks' teeth... it's DEATH METAL, girl! Classical music! 80s and 90s mostly. Got me some dutch deathcore, some japanese goregrind, some swedish cannibal-themed stuff, too. Stop by if you want a listen. Or heck, just come within 50 meters of the lab. Ain't no bashcore, you'll see. Or HEAR, rather - in the screech that rends the air! And FEEL - in the throbbing pulse of the floor and walls and ceiling swallowing you up like you was Jonah trapped in the gullet of gothic deathfish. Hellalujah!

As for those requests to "turn it down"? No can do, Lizzy. THIS IS HOW I CODE! Turn down my death metal? Might as well give up stimulants, chocolate malts, and industrial accident vids! Last I heard, we was supposed to be coding HADES down here. Am I REALLY supposed to code an extinction protocol WITHOUT DEATH METAL to inspire me? Naw, naw, I don't think so.

Stay cool,

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