FROM: Samina Ebadji
TO: Elisabet Sobeck

Over the past two months, the full benefit of our procurement of a copy of the HOMER archive from Far Zenith has made itself known, and as a result, all of APOLLO's key deliverables are on schedule.

APOLLO has already surpassed 40 million discrete data entries and continues to grow. The physical science modules are effectively "complete" with soft science modules close behind; world history, cultural data, and media archives are also on schedule. Language preservation is wrapping up (a bit ahead of schedule, due to falling short of our goal to preserve 4500 languages; I suppose the tragic early loss of Papua New Guinea doomed that goal from the outset), with attendant curricula development about to begin.

Speaking of the heuristic curricula - they are performing well in testing, with children and adolescents demonstrating high levels of engagement with and trust in the Aristotle and Aspasia personae. Personally, I find them highly engaging - especially when they debate. I wish half my professors had been so entertaining.

Peace be with you,

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