ARTEMIS ruins in the Zero Dawn Project Facility

ARTEMIS was the subordinate function of GAIA tasked with preserving and reintroducing animal life to the planet as part of Project Zero Dawn.


ARTEMIS was designed to preserve and reintroduce animal life to Earth, headed by the Alpha Charles Ronson. Once the terraforming systems restored the planet to a habitable level, ARTEMIS would introduce necessary "pioneer organisms" (micro-organisms and insects, rabbits, hawks, foxes, wolves, wild boars, and turkeys) to the Earth, further reviving the biosphere. The new humans would be taught by APOLLO how to reintroduce the other species.[1] However, APOLLO's destruction prevented this plan.


Like ELEUTHIA, ARTEMIS' success was hindered by the purging of APOLLO. Without the database, humans had no idea what ARTEMIS was, let alone how to use it for its intended purpose. However, its primary objective of re-introducing animal life was for the most part successful, as evidenced by the fauna occupying the world.

The Signal

A mysterious signal caused it, like all other subordinate functions, to become a rogue AI. After its escape from the GAIA Prime facility, its whereabouts and activities are unknown.


  • ARTEMIS is based on the Greek goddess of the hunt of the same name.


  1. ARTEMIS Status

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