FROM: Charles Ronson
TO: Elisabet Sobeck

It's coming along, Lis, I'm positive about it, if those words can still mean anything. Had my sleeves rolled up negotiating with frozen zoos for their samples - so many species trapped in ghoulish hologram dioramas, suspended in 'what if's - more than fourteen thousand that went extinct between 2000 and 2043 -

We've started mapping out primary succession, selecting the pioneer organisms for a balanced and sustainable biosphere - microorganisms and insects, rabbits and hawks, foxes and wolves. Thousands more that will have to wait their turn until our new generation can be entrusted with the duty of restoring them. So they can return to a world that - this time! - will understand the concept of conservation before it's too late.

There's already been too many too lates. We lost a whole collection team during the swarm breakthrough in Myanmar. The samples we lost were... well, irreplaceable.

But thanks to you, Lis, the circle of life will bend, not break. The Earth was a lifeless rock before, and some day it will be again. But not now, not like this. Not on our watch.


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