A Seeker at the Gates is the seventh main quest in Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy sets off outside the sacred Nora lands. The route to Meridian requires her to pass through a Carja border checkpoint. En route, she sees the destruction wrought by the Corruptors.


Aloy gains the ability to override machines after destroying the Corruptor outside of Mother's Watch. She successfully uses the new device to override a Strider, which she uses as a mount to pass through Mother's Embrace. As she approaches the gates, she hears the sounds of fighting outside. Varl, a Nora brave, is fighting a group of corrupted machines. Aloy asks him the best way to reach Meridian, with Varl tells her to head towards Mother's Crown and seek Marea. He also warns her that the trail is dangerous and that the tribe is in disarray after the disappearance of War-Chief Sona.

Varl also tells Aloy to seek out Sona's war party and grants the quest The War-Chief's Trail. Aloy ventures to the edge of the Nora lands and meets Marea. She tells Aloy of a Carja fort to the west called Daytower. Marea tells her to clear the Corrupted Zones outside of the settlement and gives her advice on how to deal with the new machines. Aloy then travels to the Carja fort, where a Corruptor is causing chaos outside of its gates. After defeating it, the guards gladly grant Aloy entry. She meets with the Commander of the fort, Balahn.


  1. Test the Override Device on a machine
  2. Talk to Varl
  3. Go through the Gates of the Embrace
  4. Talk to Marea at Mother’s Crown
  5. Clear Corrupted Zones
  6. Go to Carja Border Fort
  7. Kill the Corrupted Machines
  8. Talk to the Commander of the Carja Border Fort
  9. Exit the Carja Fort


A Seeker at the Gates - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide24:21

A Seeker at the Gates - Very Hard - No Damage - Video Guide


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