General Aaron Herres was the Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff and leader of the U.S. Robot Command, who oversaw Operation: Enduring Victory in order to buy time for Project Zero Dawn.


General Herres became the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2060. He was bold and decisive, crafty in political maneuvers. By 2064, Herres became the commander of the largest mechanized force ever assembled against the Faro Plague. In that year, Herres realized the inevitable end of all life on Earth, and fully agreed to support Dr. Elisabet Sobeck's Project Zero Dawn, to which he secured an Orbital Launch Base outside Bryce Canyon, Utah as Zero Dawn's staging area and extracted the best scientists for Dr. Sobeck's research team.

To give enough time for the completion of Project Zero Dawn, Herres drafted Operation: Enduring Victory – drafting the entire human population into delaying the Faro Plague as long as possible. To secure humanity's cooperation in the apocalyptic war, Herres implemented a propaganda campaign to fool the civilian population of Earth into believing that Project Zero Dawn was a superweapon that would save humanity. He deeply regretted his decision and that he was not given any other choice, as billions of humans were sent to die under the belief that they would defeat the Faro Plague; as a result of this manipulation, Herres considered himself to be the worst mass murderer in human history.[2]

Regardless of his actions, Enduring Victory achieved its goals. After the collapse of the Wichita salient, Herres chose to remain at U.S. Robotics Command and face his demise at the hands of the Faro Plague. Before his death, Herres said his final farewell to Dr. Sobeck and gave her his testimonial to be archived in the APOLLO network. In his final message, Herres stated his grief over and apologized for his role in Operation: Enduring Victory, expressing his hope that there would be no need for men like him after the death of the Old World.[3]


  • As with several other names in the game, Aaron Herres appears to be a reference to the real world, both past and present.
    • General Robert Tralles Herres was the USA's first Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, virtually the same role held by Aaron, and he was born in Denver, Colorado, a location which figures prominently in the game's landscape.
    • Given the developers' propensity for choosing names very deliberately, it is further likely that his given name is a reference to Aaron in the Old Testament of the Bible, who was brother to Moses and husband to Elisheva.
  • While it is not known exactly how Herres met his end, the terminal containing his final conversation with Elisabet Sobeck is found near a body which could possibly be his.


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