Ahsis was the Sunhawk of the Hunters Lodge in Horizon Zero Dawn at the time Aloy was trying to join as a Thrush. He did not make it easy for her, as he was very prejudiced and an elitist, viewing her as little more than a savage.


Ahsis became Sunhawk in the thirteenth year of Sun-King Jiran's reign after defeating a Thunderjaw that was ravaging Morning Light. Using its own cannons against it, he was the first to bring a Thunderjaw trophy to the Lodge, promoting him from a Hawk to Sunhawk.

According to Talanah, Ahsis used his position to cover up the sacrifice and memory of her family members who died in the Sun-Ring defying Jiran, while strengthened his own standing within the Lodge.

He died while hunting Redmaw, an extremely ferocious Thunderjaw, in an attempt to prevent Talanah from usurping him as Sunhawk. During this hunt he also hired mercenaries to block Talanah's way, and went alone due to his vanity, not wanting to share the credit with his Thrush. Ahsis was violently thrown into the side of a ridge by a lash of Redmaw's tail, crushing his internal organs and causing "evidence of bowel failure."[1] Before dying, Ahsis was still defiant of Talanah and Aloy, regretting that he hadn't sent them in first to soften Redmaw up.


Ahsis was a prejudiced and arrogant man, adamant about maintaining the traditions of the Lodge despite Avad's reforms. This was present in his constant belittling of Aloy because of her Nora roots, and Talanah for her and her family's history (as well as being a woman).

His desire to remain politically dominant in the Lodge meant that he was not beyond utilizing methods unbecoming of his dignified status. When the chance came to hunt Redmaw (a prey whose prestige in killing would set a new standard of Sunhawk), he left his Thrush behind, hoping to claim the kill for himself, even hired men to stop rival Hawk Talanah from having the chance to get to the quarry by killing her. He regretted none of his antagonistic qualities, only remarking that he should have let Talanah fight Redmaw first to weaken it before passing away.


  • The Thunderjaw carcass on display in the Hunters Lodge is the same one that Ahsis took down to become Sunhawk.
  • Ahsis got the position of Sunhawk by being the first Lodge member to kill a Thunderjaw. It could be considered ironic that he lost the title and his life failing to hunt Redmaw, a Thunderjaw considered to be the fiercest and assumed first of its kind.



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