FROM: Gordon Nakata
TO: Gina Ziermann
SUBJECT: All Hands on Deck


Ever hear of the Melville Island Fruit Association? Neither had I, until they filed suit against us this morning. Apparently there's a little island paradise off the coast of Australia, population 2700, all of whom hate us, now that a stray Hartz-Timor unit is chowing down on their largest mango orchard. That brings the official count of Hart-Timor related lawsuits to 127, most of them from private companies, but also a bunch from individuals, nation states, and NGOs. And that's not even counting the mother of all liability claims from Hartz itself. Call every external firm we've ever used, then called their competitors. We're going to need every corporate defense lawyer we can find who's still half-sober and on the bar.

Gordon Nakata
Associate General Counsel, FAS

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