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Spoiler-banner "It is one thing to hunt a beast, another to hunt a machine."

This article contains heavy spoilers, and may reveal plot or quest information.

Teersa: "All-mother, this child needs a name by which to know her, that your love may warm her life as the sun warms all the other. Speak her name!"
Rost: "ALOY!!!"
Aloy is the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and the sole playable character throughout the game.

She is voiced by Ashly Burch and modeled after Hannah Hoekstra[1].



Aloy was not conceived by natural means, but was created artificially by the AI GAIA as a genetic clone of Elisabet Sobeck, in order to repair GAIA after it had sacrificed itself in order to stop a rogue program, known as Hades, from destroying all life on Earth.

Early Life

Aloy was found outside All-Mother's mountain door by Matriarch Teersa. While Teersa saw Aloy as a gift from the All-Mother herself, many in the tribe saw Aloy as a curse that was brought down upon them. She did not have a mother when she was found, which solidified her status as an outcast. Despite being outcasts, Rost put a lot of value onto the tribe's rituals and held a naming ritual for Aloy, with the help of Matriarch Teersa. The Matriarchs granted Rost guardianship of her, whom she grew up with throughout her childhood as he trained and took care of her.

Finding the Focus

One day, after being shunned while picking berries with other Nora children, Aloy ran away in a fit of rage and accidentally fell down a hole into a cave. While exploring the cave in search of an exit, she discovered a triangular, arrow-shaped device that showed her many strange things. Eventually, she found a way out of the cave and reunited with Rost, who immediately inquired about the device and demanded to see it, though she refused to do so. The next day, while learning survival skills from Rost, Aloy used her Focus to save a Nora boy from a pack of Watchers that had surrounded him. As Outcasts, however, she and Rost received no gratitude when the boy's father arrived to retrieve him. Later, after dealing with a group of Nora children who were mocking her for being an Outcast, Aloy resolved to win the next Proving ceremony and learn the truth about her mother.

Preparing for the Proving

With instruction from Rost, Aloy spent the next thirteen years honing her survival skills in preparation for the Proving. Two days before the ceremony, When Aloy was 19, she helped Rost track down a Sawtooth that had been causing problems for the hunting parties and killed the Machine single-handed. The next day, after parting ways with Rost, Aloy entered Mother's Heart for the first time in her life. While walking through the settlement, Aloy spotted a foreign man in robes attempting to speak to a crowd. The audience's reaction to the priest was initially hostile until another foreigner named Erend spoke in his defense. Aloy befriended Erend soon after and was introduced to his traveling companion, Olin. To Aloy's surprise, Olin wore a Focus device similar to her own, though he said very little about himself or the Focus when Aloy questioned him, being highly evasive and defensive.

The Proving Massacre


Aloy is curious, determined, and intent on uncovering the mysteries of her world.[2] Unlike many in her tribe who shun the use of technology, Aloy sees technology as a practical and unique tool to aid her in her quest, frequently using her Focus throughout her life to aid in hunting machines and tracking individuals. Her early use of the Focus has made Aloy more aware of a bigger picture outside of the Nora tribe, spurring her to be more curious about the Old Ones. She also became more skeptical about tribal lore and beliefs, seeing the All-Mother and what the tribes believe to be her vestiges as what they really are: Remnants of Project Zero Dawn; This is most notable during Aloy being named the 'Anointed' of the tribe, becoming quickly distressed and frustrated with the tribespeople.

She had a strong relationship with her guardian Rost, seeing him as the father that she never had and was devastated when Rost sacrificed himself to save her from Helis. Despite Rost's presence, living without knowing her mother was a source of emotional distress for Aloy and compounded her alienation from the rest of the tribe; It is evident that this is the Primary reason Aloy was cast out of the tribe. Aloy's desire to know her origins became her life's goal and her primary motivator to complete her training for the Proving; to get the Matriarchs to tell her about her origins.

Years of being shunned as an Outcast has made Aloy compassionate and sympathetic towards others in need, particularly toward those who are Outcasts. Her benevolence is her greatest strength and has garnered the respect and trust of many who have interacted with her. She can be sarcastic when dealing with people she dislikes and has no problems showing it, bluntly speaking her opinions about others.

She has shown great physical and emotional resilience during her journey, always moving towards her goal despite the harsh obstacles she comes across. When Aloy discovered that she was not the child but a clone of Elisabet Sobeck created by GAIA, Aloy was shattered by this revelation, feeling like she was a instrument born in destruction and fire. However she quickly gathered herself together, realizing that she was created in order to protect the world from being destroyed by a second Faro Plague. Despite knowing now that Elisabet wasn't technically her mother, Aloy still sees Elisabet in a parental light which is exemplified by her mournful expression when the latter found the former's final resting place. Besides feeling a parental connection, Aloy deeply respected and admired Elisabet for her contributions towards saving the human race from extinction.

Skills and Abilities

  • Master Acrobat: Aloy is very nimble and can scale rock faces with ease. She is even quick enough to dodge charging machines.
  • Combat Prowess: Aloy was trained to fight by Rost, and is more than capable of taking on most human enemies as well as machines.
  • Master Crafter: Aloy has an intricate knowledge of machines and can combine materials salvaged from them with natural materials in order to craft ammunition, traps, and tools. She was even able to fit override devices to her spear.
  • Hunter: Even without the aid of the Focus, Aloy is an excellent tracker, being able to find a trail made by humans or machines.
  • Literacy of Ancient Language: Through use of the focus, Aloy learned how to read the ancient glyphs of the Old Ones (English).


See also: Skills

Aloy gains experience by completing tasks within the game. Customization is available for her. Three different tiers exist:

  • Prowler - Stealth-focused, gives Aloy new strikes and attacks.
  • Brave - Focused on increasing damage in combat, allowing Aloy to use heavier weapons and to fire multiple arrows at once.
  • Forager - Improves Aloy's ability to gather resources from nature and the machines. Enhances her crafting and override skills.

Modifiers from equipment can also be applied.[3]


  • Aloy was included in the original pitch for Horizon Zero Dawn and considered one of the three "pillars" for the game's foundation.[4]
  • Aloy's name may be a reference to the 1895 book The Time Machineby H.G. Wells where the main character of the novel travels forward in time to meet an advanced species of humans known as the Eloi.
  • Both the names Aloy and Rost may well be references to common phrases like "alloy and rust", seeing as metal is an important theme in the game.
  • Aloy ended up being the child Sobeck always wanted, as she told GAIA that she would have liked to have a daughter who was curious, willful, and compassionate.


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Concept Art


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