Sergeant Ames Guliyev is a mentioned-only character in Horizon Zero Dawn. Sgt. Guliyev was a soldier of the 9th Mechanized Response Brigade who fought and died in Operation: Enduring Victory.


Ames Guliyev and the 9th Mechanized Response Brigade fought against the Faro Plague on the American West Coast. He fought alongside civilian enlistees and managed to destroy a Horus-class Titan at Lithium Beach.[1]

Despite their minor victories, Guliyev and his unit bore the heavy burden of delaying the Faro machines, which took a toll on them in terms of both casualties and morale. Although Guliyev was demoralized by the losses, he continued to fight for the sake of his wife Roshana and the success of Project Zero Dawn--even though he was not aware of its true purpose.[2]

Ultimately, Guliyev and the survivors of the 9th MRB made their last stand at U.S. Robot Command in Wichita, Kansas, and were wiped out by the Faro Plague.


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