Balahn is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Balahn was part of the army that Avad, Ersa, and Erend raised to free Meridian, scaling the outer walls and securing the Temple of the Sun. He was then personally selected by Sun-King Avad to be Daytower's commander and ensure the Nora were properly respected by the Carja there - specifically, to make sure the Sundom didn't provoke the Nora any further.

Balahn is the Carja commander of the Daytower outpost located at the border between the Carja and Nora tribe territories. The settlement also serves as an outpost for travelers on the way to Meridian. Aloy meets him after clearing a Corruptor and corrupted machines from the settlement's front gates.


Balahn is a firm supporter of Avad's reformed regime, believing that peace is strength. Balahn also appears to share Avad's respect for women, telling his soldier Walid "Never seen a Nora woman before, soldier? Have some respect. Report to her, not to me." when Walid is relating how he, Lakhir, and the others in their patrol group got separated.

As a commander, Balahn is capable and reliable, not making excuses for his mistakes.

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  • If Aloy returns to speak with Balahn after completing A Daughter's Vengeance, he tells her to offer an apology to Nakoa on his behalf and vows a complete investigation into Zaid and his men.
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