The heartland of the nomadic Banuk, Ban-Ur is an isolated territory in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is located to the north of the Sacred Lands and the Sundom, situated in the southern plains of the Yellowstone glacier.


Ban-Ur is an inhospitable region described by the Carja scholar Aram as "the most uncomfortable place in the world". The land in Ban-Ur has geothermal properties such as mists and geysers, described by Aram as "billows of steam that erupt from the earth". Whilst a nomadic people, the Banuk rarely make camp outside of their territory; an exception to this general rule is the Banuk Encampment.

Events during Horizon Zero Dawn

While mentioned by a number of characters and in datapoints, Ban-Ur has yet to be explored in-game. According to the Banuk shaman Siluk, significant events are taking place within Ban-Ur due to disagreements between hunters and shamans about how to respond to the changes in the world. As a result, many shaman have been exiled from Ban-Ur.

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