Bandit Emblems

Concept art of bandit emblems.

"Anyone but a bandit clan would pull back now."
Petra Forgewoman
Bandits are humans who, usually having been cast out of their tribes, are living a nomadic life. They are as much an enemy to hunters as machines, though they are far less resilient.[1]


Bandits can be found in small groups all across the map, often near campfires or along designated roads. There are several Bandit Camps on the map where many bandits have gathered and fortified the area, creating a base that can be cleared out as an activity. The six main Bandit Camps are:


Bandits are hostile to all other parties. They will ambush and attack Aloy and other friendly tribes, as well as engaging any machines. This can benefit the player greatly, as both parties end up being weakened, allowing for easy kills and looting. Bandits utilize many of same types of weaponry that most other humans use, such as bows, slings, and melee weapons. Some bandits can seen carrying a special heavy weapon known as the Firespitter.

Enemy Archetypes


  • Bandit Fighter
  • Elite Bandit Fighter
  • Bandit Slugger
  • Bandit Brawler


  • Bandit Sniper
  • Bandit Marksman
  • Bandit Thug
  • Bandit Warrior
  • Elite Bandit Archer
  • Elite Bandit Sniper


  • Bandit Heavy
  • Elite Bandit Heavy
  • Bandit Brute
  • Elite Bandit Brute



  1. Game Informer #82: Woman vs. Machine

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