Banuk Ice Hunter is a type of outfit in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is produced by the Banuk, and boosts the wearer's resistance to Freeze damage. This outfit can be obtained in Light, Medium, or Heavy varieties, with an increasing number of mod slots and potency of effects. In New Game+, the Heavy variant of this outfit is no longer sold by merchants, and is replaced by an Adept version with an additional modification slot.


"Cured hide and fur interwoven with machine plates protect the wearer from Freeze damage. Typical wear for the unforgiving north."
―Inventory description


Equip to gain increased resistance to Freeze damage. Best used when fighting machines with ice projectiles and attacks such as Snapmaws, Glinthawks, and Freeze Bellowbacks.


Unique Outcast - Shield-Weaver - Undergarments
Banuk Banuk Ice Hunter - Banuk Sickness Eater - Banuk Trailblazer
Carja Carja Blazon - Carja Silks - Carja Storm Ranger
Nora Nora Brave - Nora Lookout - Nora Protector - Nora Silent Hunter - Nora Survivor
Oseram Oseram Arrow Breaker - Oseram Sparkworker
Shadow Carja Shadow Stalwart

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