Banuk shamans
Shamans are held in high regard and play an important role in Banuk society. They often participate in machine hunts and claim to be able to sense the presence of nearby machines. A key role of the Shaman is divination - asking the machine spirits to help locate organic game or good machine hunting grounds.


The Banuk believe that each machine has a song, and that they were all docile before something turned them against humanity. The Banuk claim that with the coming of the derangement, there was a change in the 'machine songs' of the 'machine spirits', suggesting that these have become increasingly discordant.

According to the Banuk shaman Siluk, significant events are taking place within Ban-Ur due to disagreements between hunters and shamans about how to respond to the changes in the world. As a result, many shamans have been exiled from Ban-Ur.


Banuk shamans often wear large head pieces made from machine parts with hanging cables and ribbons that obscure their faces. They occasionally have machine cords sown directly into their skin.

Known Banuk Shamans

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