Banuk shamans
Shamans are key members of the Banuk tribe of Horizon Zero Dawn.



The Banuk believe that each machine has a specific "song" and claim that with the coming of the derangement there was a change in these "machine spirits," suggesting that somehow their songs have become increasingly discordant.

Shamans are tribal mystics who listen to an interpret the machines' spirits through these songs for the purpose of gaining insight into both the hunt and more general revelations.


Banuk shamans often wear large headpieces made from machine parts with hanging cables and ribbons that obscure their faces. They occasionally have machine cords sown directly into their skin.


A key role of the Shaman is divination -- praying to the machine spirits to ask for help to locate organic game or ripe hunting grounds. Shamans are often tasked with tracking machine herds for their Weraks. For this reason and for their purported ability to sense the presence of nearby machines, they sometimes escort hunters on expeditions.[1]

Shamans have developed strong crafting abilities over the years and can skillfully use machine components to produce useful items such as colorful dyes for traditional rock paintings, musical instruments, decorations, and even ammunition. Banuk hunters will always offer machine carcasses for this purpose as it is taboo in the tribe to loot a kill before offering it to a shaman.[1]

According to the Banuk shaman Siluk, significant events are taking place within Ban-Ur due to disagreements between hunters and shamans about how to respond to the changes in the world. As a result, many shamans have been exiled from Ban-Ur. One such shaman, Brin, is encountered living in the Sundom.

Known Shamans


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