Bashad is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Bashad is a Carja from the Hunters Lodge, though his position within the Lodge's hierarchy is unclear. He is found at the bar across from the entrance, standing next to the fledgling Banuk hunter Ardik.  

He openly disapproves of Aloy becoming a Hunters Lodge member as he, like the Sunhawk Ahsis, is resentful of Sun-King Avad's recent decree that forbid the Lodge from closing its doors to tribal outsiders.  


Greeting Context
"Typical savage, barging in here without a thought, right after one of our own was killed. Go away." First visit to the Hunters Lodge
"Oh, it's you." After completing Hunting for the Lodge
"Looks like you can hunt after all." After completing Hunters' Blind
"Trying to imagine a Lodge run by Talanah. Not sure how I feel about that." After completing Deadliest Game
"I was just talking to an Oseram. There’s a tribe near here with machines I’ve never heard of! I feel a hunt coming on…" After completing Redmaw
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