"That machine looks like it could carry a mountain. Or smash its way through one."
―Aloy, upon sighting a Behemoth

The Behemoth is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn. The Behemoth is a huge, rugged transport-class machine that uses antigravity technology to transfer precious cargo from smaller acquisition-class machines into its stomach container. When provoked, it may charge at the enemy or use its anti-gravity unit to hurl heavy objects. It is also equipped with a set of grinding drills that allow it to grind and propel rocks as projectiles.


The Behemoth appears similar to a rhinoceros with its snout shaped like a pyramidal battering ram. It features a pair of mandibles similar to those of a Thunderjaw, that house a pair of rotary tools.

As a heavy transport machine, it can manipulate gravity using small gravity generators that can be found on its neck and shoulders. The Behemoth's underside includes a large yellow circular canister which carries different loot and cargo within it.


Behemoths are purpose-built GAIA machines that were designed as part of the terraforming process centuries after the Faro Plague wiped out all life on Earth in the 21st Century. Its original purpose seems to be mainly for use in mining and clearing away rock, although to what end is unsure.

The Derangement turned this mighty machine into a serious threat to humans. Although it is not a dedicated combat machine, it can shrug off tons of damage and deal a lot of its own by throwing rocks, crashing through obstacles, and crushing anything that gets too close.

A Behemoth was imprisoned in the Sun-Ring when Aloy was captured by the Eclipse. Somehow it was restrained with tough cables while two Corruptors arrived and overrode it, making it overly hostile towards Aloy. However, the machine's rage was harnessed by Aloy, and she goaded it to knock down large support pillars to retrieve her weapons from a platform above the arena. She then killed the machine with her retrieved gear just in time to be rescued by Sylens.


The Behemoth is a ferocious machine in combat due to its large size and ability to influence gravity in attacks.


Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range Description
Charge Melee 300 - 22m - 80m Runs at the target and knocks it over
Gravity Boulder Throw Projectile 250 - 10m - 45m Digs its head into the ground and hurls a heavy chuck of rock
Gravity Purge Projectile 200 area 150 per rock 0m - 9.5m TBA
Grinding Shrapnel Blast Projectile 35 per hit - 8m - 25m TBA
Quake Smash Melee 250 - 1m - 15m (moving)

15m - 22m (standing)

Rears up and stomps on a target

Special Ability: Gravity Purge - A charge-up long-range attack. The Behemoth manipulates gravity to lift up multiple boulders that encircle the creature. Shortly after, the machine brings its front legs down, shooting the boulders outwards in multiple directions.


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Behemoth-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None Shock Shock-Icon
Behemoth-CrateHolders Crate Holders Destroying this component will detach the cargo container All None
Behemoth-FreezeCanister Freeze Canister Shooting this canister with Freeze will trigger an elemental explosion. Chillwater can be looted from this canister. Freeze Freeze-Icon
Tear Tear-Icon
Behemoth-ForceLoader Force Loader Destroying this component disables the lifting attacks. Tear Tear-Icon None
Behemoth-PowerCell Power Cell Shooting this component with Shock will trigger an elemental explosion. Sparker resource can be looted from this component. Shock Shock-Icon
Tear Tear-Icon



  • While most other GAIA-designed machines seem to be purposed towards repurposing broken machines or cleaning the air, the Behemoth is unique in its purpose as a mining transport vehicle.
  • The Behemoth's naming convention is unique in that it is neither an active agent like Strider or Ravager nor a compound noun like Snapmaw or Glinthawk. Additionally, it is the only machine other than the Metal Devil to have a name based in mythology.
  • Behemoth cables make the best fuses for the Oseram Cannon, but they wear out quickly.



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Combat Class Ravager - Sawtooth - Scorcher FW - Stalker - Stormbird - Thunderjaw
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