Report: Biosphere Degradation
August 2065 - CONFIDENTIAL

• Despite increased tactical proficiency of elite and civilian guard units and many hard-won engagements in the Central European, Antarctic, and "Pacific reach" theaters, the Faro Plague's rate of advance has not slowed, nor has its biomass consumption rate.

• Damage to the biosphere has already exceeded 2038 levels by every measure, and grows worse by the day.

• Extinction Timeline projections remain unchanged, with OAC predicted for mid-November 2065, annihilation of exposed human populations in February 2066, extinction of macrobiotic land organisms by the end of March 2066, and extinction of marine life in early 2068.

• Continued secrecy re: Project: Zero Dawn - the utter silence regarding its mechanisms of action and completion date - make it impossible to predict Zero Dawn's impact (or lack of impact) on the Extinction Timeline.

Atmospheric oxygen depletion and toxic emissions remain the greatest environmental threat to Operation: Enduring Victory as well as the wider civilian population and animal life. Operational Atmospheric Collapse (OAC) is currently predicted for mid-November 2065, after which military personnel will require rebreathing apparatuses to operate in the open, and civilians will only be able to survive inside sealed structures. [The requirements for air scrubbing and recycling in facilities is addressed in Addendum A linked to this report.]

Major water treatment facilities are already struggling to process water sources compromised by rainfall heavily contaminated by toxins emitted by the consumption of the Eastern Hemisphere. Following the necessary shutdown of all nano-scrubbing functionality, waste water recycling is already beyond capacity.

Addenda linked to this document cover the short-term effects of 'scorched earth' engagements in defense of the Western Seaboard and the ongoing effects of the Oceanic Economic Zone's use of nuclear weapons to delay the enemy's initial advance across the Pacific theater [DATA CORRUPTED]

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