The Blast Sling is a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a slow-firing sling that lobs explosive bombs with various trigger mechanisms, such as impact, timer, or proximity. It is best used to deal high impact and area damage, and can be used in both aggressive and stealthy playstyles.

Special Variant

The Lodge Blast Sling is available as reward from the quest Weapons of the Lodge, requiring player to earn at least a Half Sun mark on all 15 Hunting Grounds Trials throughout the base game; players cannot get a second unit in the same playthrough. It has identical stats and slot number to the Shadow Variant, albeit with higher base Handling of 70 which could improve its Damage per Second value.


The Blast Sling can hold a maximum of 12 of each bomb type with all pouch upgrades crafted.

Blast Bombs explode on impact.

Sticky Bombs stick to targets and explode after five seconds.

Proximity Bombs land on surfaces and behave as a landmine, detonating when neared.

Numbered damage are displayed from left to right following the difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard. Bold numbers are of Normal difficulty setting

Ammo Type Crafting Requirements Damage Damage-Icon
Blast Bomb 2x Metal Vessel4x Blaze Damage-Icon400-125-100-90-80-70
Sticky Bomb 2x Metal Vessel

6x Blaze

Proximity Bomb 2x Metal Vessel

3x Blaze


Ammo and Modification Slots by Variant

Blast Bomb Sticky Bomb Proximity Bomb Mod Slots
Basic 1
Carja 2
Shadow 3
Adept 4
Lodge 3
Adept Lodge


  • The model of the Lodge Blast Sling is that of a recolored Sling instead of being similar to the regular variants.
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