• Heshbruwn

    Hi all,

    I know I haven't been an active contributor in this wikia for months, but I just wanted to tell you guys how grateful I am for the contributions to this wiki. I am absolutely amazed at how far this wiki has come, starting from a measely 30 pages, the HZD wiki now has more than 1.1k pages. The articles look absolutely amazing, bursting with content, images, and great formatting. So a great big thank you to all the contributors of this wiki (both active and new) and everyone in this amazing community. :)


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  • Lacrossedeamon

    I added a notice on this to the Community Message sidebar that can be found on the Recently Edited page but thought I’d add it here as well for more exposure:

    Game guide publisher, Future-Press, who published the Collector's Edition Guide for the base game, has released a free PDF guide for the Frozen Wilds. They say it’s only available for a limited time. Check them out.

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  • Ofthenora

    Frozen Wilds Resources

    November 27, 2017 by Ofthenora

    Hey guys, I was just about to update the Resources pages to include the pages I've added so far for resources in the Frozen Wilds but I just wanted to check first how youse think it best be done. Do you want me to just slot them in and put a little 'FW' at the end or were youse thinking of doing a separate page or section of the original page for Frozen Wilds stuff eg. Frozen Wilds Resources page? Sorry if there was a post or something about this and I missed it, it's been a while since I was last on here. So far I've done some of the lenses and hearts, bones and skins and the two new medicinal resources. Also any ideas under what heading Bluegleam would come under? Ofthenora (talk) 12:58, November 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Random Side Quest
        • Main Story Spoilers Ahead***

    Outside of when Ted Faro murders the zero dawn Alphas, where can I find the actual hologram of Artemes Alpha Charles Ronson?? If anyone has this information it would be greatly appriciated! 



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  • Lacrossedeamon

    1000+ Pages

    October 9, 2017 by Lacrossedeamon

    Earlier today we hit the 1000 page mark. That’s really amazing. I don’t have the statistics but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if this was one of the fastest growing wikias for a new IP. Keep up the great work. Thanks goes out to all the admins, editors, and of course the lovely devs at GG. Can’t wait for November and the Frozen Wilds.

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  • Ofthenora

    Hunting Grounds Keeper Pages

    September 20, 2017 by Ofthenora

    Hey guys, I was thinking of making separate pages for each of the Hunting Grounds Keepers but I noticed that for all the Hunting Grounds, the Keepers were the chosen image for that page. I was just wondering if we should change the picture for the Hunting Grounds to a picture of the grounds so that I can use the Keepers pictures for their pages, or it wouldn't be a big deal if they had the same images? Of course, any suggestions youse think would be better I'm open to or if youse don't want to put in separate Keepers pages, up to youse. 

    Thank you as always, this wiki has come such a long way :)

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  • Random Side Quest

    Video Lore Content

    September 15, 2017 by Random Side Quest

    Hey there Admins,

    Not sure if this, or your message wall is the best place to contact you so... I'll most likely do both. First of all, pheominal work on this wikia, very thorough and all intesive. I'm a huge lore nerd myself, and would love to provide some supplementary video lore content for your pages if permitted. If this is of any interest to you, I'd love to talk more. I'll leave some example work  below. 

    Also, opinions and feedback from any fellow Horizon fans on my content is more than welcome. 

    Thanks all!


    Vantage Points

    Recon Class Machines



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  • Queenmirelurk


    August 2, 2017 by Queenmirelurk

    I've been trying to compile a full list of all the dialogue flashpoints in the game and each of the options. I'm confident that I am closing in on having a complete list. This is what I have come up with so far. I'm housing this here. I also have a word doc on my computer where I've typed up all the actual things she says for each choice (ie - with Teersa, "I found it beautiful" -> "I can't say it was comfortable, but I can see the beauty of the ritual, even so.")

    I want to eventually figure out exactly what impact the choices that have consequences produce. If you know of any, please let me know! For example, Lansra changes later dialogue with you based on the choice you make in her flashpoint. Flashpoints that I know of as having consequen…

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  • Ofthenora

    Rookie question I think but I was just wondering how youse are getting the images/icons for resources without the little number in the corners? Just doing some of the resources pages, I noticed some don't have images in the site's database so I was going to get them myself but couldn't figure out how to get them other than snapshotting in-game (which would mean there's an attached number). Thank you :)

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  • Ofthenora

    Hello! I noticed that there aren't any pages for the medicinal resources such as Salvebrush and such. I'd be happy to add it in, I just wanted to ask first if youse are happy if I put them in the Resources page under another heading as Medicinal Resources? If not, I'm open to suggestions on what to put it under. 

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  • Nanohexagon

    General categorization (Each Topic) + Subcategorization = Ease of Use?

    General categorization is useful as the group all the relevant subject into one, it is important as Subcategorization which is basically the numbers of the books. General categorization is like the basic genre of the collection of books, which and basically what Index is in books. There should be only one of them for each though. They should be one for each major topic eg Character, Machines, Tribes, Locations, Skill, Lore, Weapons, Outfit (most revelant to Character as Doesn't have a list like Tribes or Machine) . As since there are already names used in Sub-category, they must be a different name. But as this system is already in place, I personally think this system i…

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  • Queenmirelurk

    I've noticied some inconsistencies with how we are using categories on this wiki. The editing guidelines state the following with regard to categories:

    • As a general guideline, please take a look at the blog post made by Lacrossedeamon on how we will categorize the wiki.
    • Any page belonging to a subcategory should not also be put under the parent category (e.g. Tearblaster is in the Ranged Weapons subcategory, it must not be found in the parent category Weapons).

    Lacrossedeamon's blog post is great and expansive, but it doesn't cover locations or characters, which is where I am noticing the biggest issues.

    Currently, the category page for locations has the following subcategories:

    • Locations by type
      • Cauldrons
      • Gates (just added)
      • Hunting Grounds
      • Ruins
      • Tri…
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  • Doctortortuga

    Hullo everyone! I'm somewhat new to this wiki, however I have just completed Horizon Zero Dawn and can say with certainty it is my favorite game that I have ever played. Point being, I would like to improve this wiki any way I can, especially in lore aspects. The first large project I am working on is determining the specific pre-Derangement purpose of each machine and how it contributed to recreating the biosphere. I will be adding these edits to each machine's wiki page, as well as possibly creating pages for each class of machine and how they work. I felt I should put my current thoughts here and leave them open to discussion.

    These machines seem to make up the bulk of GAIA's creations, referred to as "Aquisition" because of their second…

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    So obviously I got the guide. It's great; has a few typos and inconsistencies but not many. Loads of info on mechanics especially combat. Even has some encyclopedia like entries which were very nice and informative on some backstory. I'm willing to answer questions about the book but I honestly recommend buying it yourself and showing your support for these amazing creators.

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    DLC Ideas Forum

    April 13, 2017 by Lacrossedeamon

    So Guerrilla Games has shown great initiative and plays an active role within its fandom community. I'd like to create this as a forum where Wikia users can post their hopes for a DLC and maybe a dev will stumble upon here and draw from. I'll post some of my ideas below and I want y'all's critiques and thoughts.

    - Escort Dervahl to Mainspring It is still possible to visit Dervahl in his cell in Meridian up until the very last mission. We know that the plan is to send him to Mainspring in the Claim to face justice however. I feel it would be very inline with either Erend or Avad to ask Aloy to be part of that convoy. Dervahl in the meantime could have been moved to a more permanent cell at Sunstone Rock where the mission would start. The fir…

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  • Bearborg

    Loot Template

    April 10, 2017 by Bearborg

    Working with the current table-based display of machine loot is really unpleasant, so I thought I'd try putting together a template to simplify things. If anyone wants to take a look here, I'd love feedback on what I've put together. For comparison, here's my template vs. the current implementation, using the example of Thunderjaws:

    Metal Shards Blaze Chillwater Sparker Echo Shell
    1 1 4 1 4

    Crystal Braiding Machine Core - Large Thunderjaw Lens Thunderjaw Heart

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  • Bearborg

    Testing out some styling that could possibly be useful for notices (e.g. Template:Merge). Work-in-progress.

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  • Heshbruwn

    Editing Guidelines

    April 2, 2017 by Heshbruwn

    Hi all,

    I would like to inform all of you on the establishment of the Editing Guidelines. Currently, it is in the process of being set up, so it would help the wiki greatly if you could vote in the polls to help us decide which choice would be the best for the wiki. Additionally, if you have more ideas on other editing guidelines, feel free to pop by its Talk Page to say hi! 


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  • TheBlueRogue

    Horizon Zero Dawn has been released for over a month. Now it's time for the community to vote on their favorite elements of this fantastic open world game! Take part in the Horizon Zero Dawn Community Choice Awards! Vote for your favorite selection in each category! This event will last for one month before the winners are selected and announced! Will your choices make the final cut? It's time to find out!

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  • Lacrossedeamon


    A. Skills
    i. Prowler
    1. Strike Line (these lines don't have in game names so I tried to use the common factor)
    a. Silent Strike
    b. Strike from Above
    c. Strike from Below
    d. Leader Strike
    e. Strong Strike
    f. Strong Strike+
    2. Aim Line
    a. Hunter Reflexes
    b. Balanced Aim
    3. Movement Line
    a. Silent Drop
    b. Low Profile
    c. Dodge Prowess
    d. Quite Sprint
    ii. Brave
    1. Focus Line
    a. Concentration
    b. Heavy Lifter
    c. Concentration+
    d. Fast Reload
    e. Double Shot
    f. Triple Shot
    2. Critical Line
    a. Critical Hit
    b. Critical Hit+
    3. Melee Line
    a. Precision
    b. Precision+
    c. Knock Down
    d. Fighting Back
    iii. Forager
    1. Override Line
    a. Lure Call
    b. Combat Override
    c. Combat Override+
    d. Call Mount
    2. Heal Line
    a. Healer
    b. Herbalist
    3. Resource Line
    a. Gatherer
    b. Scavenger
    c. Ammo Crafter
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  • Playingza1285

    Recently I have begun to chip away at the Hunter's Lodge missions in Horizon Zero Dawn. The first hunting ground I went to was the Sun Furrow Hunting Grounds. One of the missions there was to use ravagers to take down a Thunderjaw. I was surprised by how simple and quick the mission was. What intrigued me the most was that I could loot the Thunderjaw and get three very rare mods each time. To reset the area, I simply had to talk to the grounds keeper and the Thunderjaw respawned. It only takes 3 - 4 minutes to kill the Thunderjaw and I didn't have to fire a single arrow. It also provided me with a steady source of echo shells (which I never seem to have enough of). After selling the mods I didn't need, I left the hunting ground much richer…

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  • Lacrossedeamon

    We all agree that this is an amazing game but we wouldn't be the predecessors to the Old Ones who ruined everything if we couldn't find something to complain about. So would we have done different. I want to know what you would have changed, left out, or added. Mine are below:

    Only change outfits and weapon loadout at campfires Have Aloy's in game model show all equipped weapons at all times (even if that means fewer can be equipped at a time) Have all Shadow Carja areas (Sunfall, Blazon Arches, Kestrel's Perch, and Sheaf's Flight) react the same way to either wearing the Kestrel armor or not A way to improve coils and weaves instead of just trying to farm better ones More control on overridden machines More weapons and outfits… Read more >
  • Heshbruwn

    Adopting the HZD Wikia

    March 17, 2017 by Heshbruwn

    Hi everyone,

    Due the the lack of admin support on the HZD Wikia, I am going to try to adopt it. What do you guys think? :)


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  • Appache7-2

    Hello everyone !

    I inform you of the creation of our community website on Horizon Zero Dawn, the community is French, we give advice, tutos, and the videos are not commented, like that, no worries with the language.

    We also have several guides on the machines, the characters, as well as the main and secondary quests.

    We look forward to seeing on

    I also thank all volunteers who help in finding information like here on Wikia!

    Thanks to all, and good game!

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  • Deltagodzilla

    Currently, I am getting closer to the Platinum trophy. I have all Banuk Figures, almost all Ancient Vessels and Vantages. I have 2 of 5 Powercells, 13 Grazer Statues knocked over, All enemies scanned except for one.... Stalker...

    Anyone know where they are common?

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  • Raylan13

    Perfect Your Hunting

    March 1, 2017 by Raylan13
    Note: This blog was originally posted by German Fandom Staff Meike. You can find the original blog on the German Horizon Zero Dawn Community Blogs.

    Typically, I try to follow the main quests in open-world games, and I am embarrassed about the fact that it takes me an inordinate length of time. Side missions on the way - no problem; but when I have to run long routes - no, thank you. Not so in Horizon Zero Dawn. For hours I jumped from one side quest to the next or ran directionless. This is because of the beautiful appearance of the game, the interesting places, and hunting machines to gather resources.

    The hunt for machines and related battles are exciting, no question, but often I have simply perched in the thick grass, let my inner Jacques…

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  • Raylan13
    Note: This blog was originally posted by German Fandom Staff Meike. You can find the original blog on the German Horizon Zero Dawn Community Blogs.

    Guerilla Games had a lot of thoughts on the character development of Aloy. The idea was to create an icon. A strong and curious character, in appearance, movement, and abilities that matched the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

    "I think Aloy is a very appealing character, and her skills are important. She is super agile, fast, very handy, and strategic. She is a great person. A great fellow to explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn," says Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst. With heart, imagination, and a decent portion of chutzpah, Aloy has everything she needs to thrive in …

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  • Raylan13
    Note: This blog was originally posted by German Fandom Staff Meike. You can find the original blog on the German Horizon Zero Dawn Community Blogs.

    Why steel beasts displaced humans from the top of the food chain is probably the ultimate question of Horizon Zero Dawn, the highly anticipated Open-World Action RPG by the creators of the Killzone series - Guerrilla Games. Take an in-depth look at the combat power and arsenal of the four machines below Aloy hunts in an attempt fulfill her destiny. Here are a few tactics and weapons of the combat classes Thunderjaw and Stormbird, the transport class Behemoth, and acquisition class Snapmaw.

    Snapmaw/ Challenge Level 20

    • Challenge Level: 20
    • Type: Acquisition
    • Weaponry: Freeze Burst
    • Melee: Lunging Jaw Bite, Ju…

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  • Raylan13
    Note: This blog was originally posted by German Fandom Staff Meike. You can find the original blog on the German Horizon Zero Dawn Community Blogs.

    After several iterations of Killzone titles, Guerrilla Games wanted to develop something completely new and fresh. After a staggering 36 concept ideas ranging multiple genres, the studio settled on one idea in March 2010 -- Horizon Zero Dawn. After seven years of development that included some financial difficulties and doubt, the time has come to see all their hard work pay off.

    Guerrilla Games Art Director Jan Bert van Beekon on the comparisons to Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn: "The transition from Killzone was extremely interesting, both artistic and technical. The levels at Killzone were linear, at mo…

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