The Broadhead is a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Physically, Broadheads are reminiscent of cattle, especially the Longhorn breed, displaying a pair of long, straight and horizontal horns likely used as tools and defense.

The Broadhead seems to share a nearly identical chassis design with the Strider and Charger, with its main difference being the head design.


Broadheads were created by GAIA as part of the terraforming process after the Faro Plague wiped out all biomass on Earth in the 21st century. Like the Strider and Grazer, Broadheads seem to consume small amounts of plant matter to produce Blaze. They became very commonplace and, for a long time, were peaceful machines that shied away from humans if one was spotted.


However, a decade before the game's events, the Derangement took place and the Broadheads, along with all the other machines, began to become more aggressive. By the time Aloy came of age and learned to hunt, Broadheads would sometimes attack humans on sight, especially if warned first by nearby Watchers.


Broadheads have no ranged attacks but, when provoked, will set their stance and then charge at the target with alarming speed, bowling them over and doing high damage. One must take caution when overriding or taking down a Broadhead.

A Broadhead's main method of attack is by charging forward and swiping with its large horns. These horns will deal 180-200 damage a swipe, so it is best to roll out of the way.

Seeing as a Broadhead has no ranged attacks, picking off the Blaze canisters (with fire-based weapons) and horns (with tear-based weapons) from afar is the best strategy for killing one. When overriding a Broadhead, it is a good idea to get rid of the horns beforehand, as it will charge if you get too close. Broadheads are also easily killed by a single Silent Strike hit, simply lure it in to where Aloy is hiding.


Name Damage Type Primary Damage Secondary Damage Trigger Range
Charge Melee 225 - 15m - 50m
Double Strike Melee 150 - 0m - 7m
Hind Leg Strike Melee 125 - 1.5m - 3.5m
Rodeo Kick Melee 110 - 0m - 2.5m
Spin Kick Melee 100 - 1.5m - 3.5m

Mounted Combat

Attack Name Trigger Direct Damage Impact Severity Description
Charge Contact while Sprinting 35 150 TBA
Double Strike R1 35 100 TBA
Hind Leg Strike R1 + left stick backwards 70 100 TBA
Pivot Kick R2 70 100 TBA


Image: Component: Information: Weakness: Strength:
Broadhead-Body Body Hard outer casing to protect synthetic muscle and operational systems. None None
Broadhead-BlazeCanister Blaze Canister Blaze Storage Container. Shooting canister with Fire will result in an explosion. Shoot off this component to collect the resource inside. Fire Fire-Icon
Tear Tear-Icon
Broadhead-Horns Horns Destroying this component will disable Charge attacks. Tear Tear-Icon None



Broadheads can be hacked and used as a mount. Once hacked, they move at the same speed as hacked Striders or Chargers.


Acquisition Class Broadhead - Charger - Fireclaw FW - Frostclaw FW - Glinthawk - Grazer - Lancehorn - Rockbreaker - Scrapper - Snapmaw - Strider - Trampler
Combat Class Ravager - Sawtooth - Scorcher FW - Stalker - Stormbird - Thunderjaw
Communication Class Tallneck
Recon Class Longleg - Watcher (Redeye Watcher)
Transport Class Behemoth - Fire Bellowback - Freeze Bellowback - Shell-Walker
Chariot Class Corrupted Machines - Corruptor - Deathbringer - Metal Devil
Unknown Class Control TowerFW