Brom is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Brom was exiled from the Nora tribe for ten years and lived in a camp away from the major settlements. When his sentence was served, his sister Olara visited his camp only to find him missing and blood everywhere.

Olara requested Aloy's help in finding her brother. When she arrived, she found the camp in disarray and infested with Watchers. Aloy used her Focus to follow the blood trail to a bucket surrounded by footprints. She followed the footprints to a group of Scrappers.

Following an ever-stranger trail, she came across an empty supply crate, followed by the supplies. Aloy then found Brom perched on a ledge, acting strangely. Once Olara arrived, she talked Brom down and agreed to take care of him.


  • Similar to other characters such as Aloy and Rost, whose names are metal-related, Brom's name is inspired by the chemical element Bromine (German: Brom).
  • Brom appears to have some form of mental disorder (most likely Schizophrenia as he suffers from hallucinations and hears voices in his head), which could have been the reason for his exile.


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