Sylens: They're coming.

HADES: Preparations are complete.

Sylens: Ah, Lucent Bahavas. Behold--as I promised you.

Bahavas: What... manner of great machine is this? I've never seen such a thing...

(noises as HADES powers up)

Bahavas: Stay--stay your ground, Carja-in-Shadow!

HADES: Incorrect. Bow before the Buried Shadow.

Bahavas: The Buried Shadow? I--I don't understand--

HADES: Did Araman understand the Glinthawk that perched upon the Alight?

Bahavas: It speaks scripture--!

HADES: Araman followed the shadow cast from the Spire.

Bahavas: To the mesa where holy Meridian was founded!

HADES: You will follow the shadow once more.

Bahavas: I am a righteous man. Chosen of the Sun. But in times of need, the powers of shadow can accomplish what the Sun alone cannot. Will--will you return to us what is ours, O Shadow of prophecy?

HADES: An army is required. Obey and Meridian is yours.

Bahavas: Of our obedience you can be certain.

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