The Sling is a slow firing weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn that specializes in lobbing elemental payloads at targets and putting them into vulnerable states. Upon impact, the bombs leave a large area of the element on the ground. Due to its low damage output, it is advisable to use other weapons to follow up attacks on enemies.


The Sling's ammo pouch can be upgraded to carry a maximum of 20 bombs of each type at a time.

Numbered damage values are displayed from left to right following the difficulty order from Story to Ultra Hard, with Bold numbers representing Normal difficulty. Elemental damage remains the same outside of Ultra Hard and Story.

Ammo Type

Crafting Requirements Damage Elemental Severity Used with
Freeze Bomb

4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

3x Chillwater

Damage-Icon 80-25-20-18-16-14 Freeze-Icon 75-50-25




Shock Bomb

4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

8x Sparker

Damage-Icon 80-25-20-18-16-14 Shock-Icon 75-50-25 Carja


Fire Bomb

4x Metal Shards

2x Metal Vessel

2x Blaze

Damage-Icon 40-13-10-9-8-7 Fire-Icon 75-50-25 Shadow
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  • The Shadow Sling, along with its Adept version are the only weapons to have Fire, Ice and Electricity damage attributes in one weapon. This also makes them the only weapon that could take advantage of all attributes boost from the Veteran's Weapon CoilFW