Chillwater is a common resource in Horizon Zero Dawn.

This common resource is a primary crafting ingredient for Freeze ammunition types, and valuable to merchants.

Chillwater is most likely composed of liquid nitrogen or a similar chemical, as it is demonstrated to be a liquid when used as a projectile from Glinthawks or Snapmaws, and is in a liquid state when being carried by Freeze Bellowbacks.

In Battle

The presence of Chillwater is indicated on a machine by Freeze Canisters. Chillwater can be harvested from a machine by using Harvest Arrows to remove the containers, using a Heavy Melee Spear to knock them off, or dealing enough damage to the Chillwater to knock it off of the Machine. Chillwater can also be shot at with Freeze Arrows or Freeze Bombs to trigger an elemental explosion that will freeze everything and everyone in the explosion radius. All things frozen will take more damage from all sources.


This resource is needed to craft the following items.


  • Freeze Arrow (3 Chillwater per pack)
  • Freeze Bomb (3 Chillwater per pack)
  • Freeze Bolts (2 Chillwater per pack)

Carry Capacity

  • War Bow Quiver Upgrade 1 (1 Chillwater)
  • Rattler Ammo Pouch Upgrade 1 (1 Chillwater)


This resource is needed to buy the following items.







  • Chillwater appears to be a type of advanced coolant.