Charles Ronson: Hello, Margo. How are you holding up?

Margo Shĕn: Um, Dr. Ronson, I've been getting... a lot of messages, unsolicited messages. From Ted.

Charles Ronson: Margo, I'm sorry. With Lis... gone, we've got no-one to run interference with him. I'll talk to Ted. He mostly wants updates, constant updates--hundreds of updates on things he knows nothing about. Lis used to field all of his crap...

Margo Shĕn: He doesn't understand the systems at all. That was kind of by design. But he's getting pretty sketchy with me.

Charles Ronson: We just have to keep him happy. Lis always said keep him happy.

Margo Shĕn: Are you kidding? You ever hear how she talked to him?

Charles Ronson: She was managing him, Margo.

Margo Shĕn: I Mean, maybe I should ignore him. He's buried in his pyramid with the holo-holo girls and Pantah Antimod cuckoos... What can he do?

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