For Debriefing After Presentation 1

Candidates must be allowed to ask questions and be given the necessary time to fully absorb the information they have received.

It is important to be aware that candidates have just been exposed to triggers for severe mental and emotional trauma. Do not assume silence or outward calmness indicates acceptance.

It is essential to stress that all other options for combating the Faro Plague and preserving the continuation of human life have been considered, and found unworkable. Communicate this fact calmly, but clearly and firmly. Familiarize yourself with data on the catastrophic environmental impact of nuclear engagements vs. the swarm [Addendum B1] and unfeasibility of maintaining life in orbital, lunar, or undersea structures [Addenda C1, C2, C3] so that you can counter candidates' objections in depth.

If a candidate asks for time alone to review supplementary information, allow this without hesitation. Be sure to inform security personnel so the candidate can be monitored for attempts at self-harm.

Candidates should only be cleared to proceed to Presentation 2 if you believe their mental state is sufficiently stable.

Note that real-time support will be available via your Focus. Security and medical crisis teams are [DATA CORRUPTED]

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