For Debriefing after Presentation 2

It is virtually important that candidates choose to participate in Project: Zero Dawn voluntarily and knowingly, without additional coercion and without value judgment on the part of the counselor.

Confirm for candidates that they were selected due to their skill sets and accomplishments. Emphasize that their dedicated participation in Zero Dawn will increase the project's chances of success. Frame participation in Zero Dawn as an opportunity to respond actively in the face of an overwhelming threat.

Candidates may question the "fairness" of their selection. Validate such objections as normal, even admirable responses. Emphasize the value of candidates' expertise to the future, not just of humanity, but terrestrial life as a whole.

Likewise, candidates may balk at the morality of extending their lifespans and those of loved ones beyond Zero Day. Validate their hesitation. Acknowledge that, while the reward of Elysium is not "fair," it will be earned. If possible, redirect their ethical misgivings towards greater commitment to the project.

When candidates challenge the plausibility of Project: Zero Dawn, permit them to re-view Dr. Sobeck's presentation as many times as they wish and allow access to supplemental articles G01 through P20. Allow them to suspend the interview to fully process this documentation.

A significant minority of candidates will elect for medical euthanasia. It is important to receive this decision kindly and without judgement. Advise them of the 48 hour waiting period, during which counselors will be available to discuss their decision. Emphasize that euthanasia will not occur without repeated consent when the procedure is scheduled to take place. No one will be euthanized against her or his will.

Candidates who elect indefinite detention must be informed that they have 48 hours to reverse their decision, after which the decision [DATA CORRUPTED]

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