Co-Op HoloU Course Listing, Spring 2063
MAJOR: Popular Music

Our Popular Music courses are divided between theoretical symposia and practical lab work. Popular Music majors must enroll in at least one of each per quarter.


Intro to Pop Music (POMU 101) - Dr. Anita Freely - Explore the history of popular music from its emergence as an art-form in the late 19th century through its contemporary algorithmic form. Students will grow to understand the cultural utility of popular music and the variety of techniques the form has adopted to remain relevant.

The Rise and Fall of Punk Rock (POMU 307/507) - Dr. James Hamby - Despite its contemporary reputation as a genre enjoyed by stodgy academics, punk was once considered transgressive and even dangerous. Students will learn how musical forms based on youth rebellion came to be seen as "old dad music" by contemporary listeners. Further, a close examination of select Bashcore "classics" will reveal the debt that [DATA CORRUPTED]

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