FROM: Patrick Brochard-Klein
TO: Elisabet Sobeck
SUBJECT: Cradle Servitor Personae

Development of the artificial personae for Cradle servitors - nurturer, disciplinarian, healer - continues at a good pace. We are targeting Turing 0.4 for these constructs; this should allow low-grade empathy and limited improvisation without undermining adherence to codified behavior sets.

The stimulus-driven switching of personae, however, is proving to be a greater software challenge than anticipated. Especially concerning are entrenched feedback loops between the disciplinarian and healer personae.

I have also attached the reports from an incident where a servitor running the mother personae intervened on a disciplinarian servitor's behavior. A parental argument, if you will. Amusing on first glance, perhaps, but deeply concerning.

I have attached a comprehensive plan for correcting these interactive protocol shortcomings. In just... [DATA CORRUPTED]

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