"Daytower marks the eastern edge of the Carja territory - a trading post, a waystation... one with an ugly reputation among your people."
Balahn during A Seeker at the Gates

Daytower is a Carja settlement in Horizon Zero Dawn, situated beyond the old, abandoned Nora border at Shivering Watch. It marks the easternmost edge of Carja territory, known as the Sundom.


After Khuvadin's unsuccessful attempt to expand Carja territory into the Sacred Land, Daytower was constructed as a means to monitor the Nora tribe.

The Red Raids

During the attacks on other tribes by the Carja known as the Red Raids, Daytower was used as a transshipment point for captives to be taken to the Carja capital of Meridian for human sacrifice. The outpost was most frequently used for the transshipment of captured Nora.

After the Red Raids ceased due to the overthrow of their instigator, the 13th Sun-King Jiran, his successor Avad appointed Balahn, a Carja captain, as the commander of the outpost. He instructed Balahn to ensure the respectful treatment of the Nora by the Carja military, a task which Balahn performed conscientiously and willingly.

The outpost was also the station of prefect Zaid, another Carja captain. But unlike Balahn, Zaid had been a participant in the Red Raids, commanding a unit that had frequently invaded the Nora tribe's territory, known as the Sacred Lands, and raided their settlements. Zaid had garnered a reputation for particularly egregious cruelty in these raids; in a raid on Mother's Rise, he brutally murdered and mutilated the father of two siblings. With the end of the Red Raids, all personnel who had been involved in the raids were expelled from the Carja military, but Zaid managed to avoid this by covering up his involvement and thus was appointed as a prefect and stationed at Daytower. Years after the raids, however, he was killed by Nakoa, the daughter of the Nora man he had murdered.

At one time, the gate leading to the outpost was closed on Captain Balahn's order when corrupted machines appeared in the Nora Sacred Lands, in order to prevent the corruption phenomenon from spreading to the Sundom. Indeed, two such machines appeared at the gate, along with the cause of their corruption: a heretofore unknown machine that came to be known as a Corruptor. However, the Nora Brave Aloy engaged and killed the Corruptor as well as the corrupted machines, persuading Balahn to reopen the gate.


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