The rank of Death-Seeker is a special title among the Nora tribe. Similar to a Seeker, a Death-Seeker is allowed to leave the Sacred Land, but with much greater consequences.


As described by High Matriarch Teersa, a Death-Seeker is one who becomes a Seeker for the sole purpose of killing others. In doing so, the Death-Seeker removes themselves from the tribe, any moral restrictions that come with it, and their right to live in the Sacred Land.

Becoming a Death-Seeker is considered the most terrible and secret rite of the Nora tribe: in the case of Rost, the only known Death-Seeker, the High Matriarchs who gave him the rank swore to keep their act a secret among them. The ceremony involves dragging the spirit from one's body, therefore "dying", and releasing it into All-Mother's care.

Known Death-Seekers

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