Dervahl is an Oseram warlord and a tertiary antagonist in Horizon Zero Dawn.



During the Red Raids, Dervahl led the Oseram in war against the Carja. After several victories against the Carja, Dervahl's wife and daughter were captured and sacrificed. The loss of his family instilled him with an intense hatred of the Carja, and he swore that he would burn Meridian and slaughter its people.

At some point, Dervahl befriended Erend and Ersa and fought alongside them against the Carja. After the death of his wife, Dervahl developed feelings for Ersa, but she rejected his advances. When he revealed his intentions of destroying the Carja, they were appalled. It was Dervahl's desire for vengeance that caused them to ally with the Carja prince Avad to put a quick end to the Red Raids and depose the Mad Sun-King Jiran before Dervahl could mount an assault on Meridian.

Despite the end of the war, Dervahl felt cheated out of his vengeance against Jiran and Meridian. He also held particular hatred against his former allies, especially Ersa for rejecting his love and falling for Avad instead.

Dervahl soon disappeared and was believed by his former allies to be dead.


Years later, Dervahl reappeared to fulfill his vow of destroying Meridian. He gathered Oseram allies sympathetic to his cause and used his ingenuity to create bombs that would be covertly placed throughout the city. Dervahl did not forget his past with Ersa, either. He led her into a trap while under a false parley and captured her, while misleading the Oseram Vanguard to think that she was dead. Dervahl then brought Ersa to his camp and tortured her.

After leaving Ersa to die, Dervahl proceeded with his plot to destroy Meridian. But unknown to him, his plans were uncovered by Aloy and Erend, and they disposed his bombs. Dervahl later infiltrated Meridian's palace and captured Avad, beginning to torture him with a sonic weapon. Just as Dervahl boasted of making the king watch his city burn, he was surprised to find his bombs did not detonate. Soon after, Dervahl came into direct conflict with Aloy and was subsequently defeated. Before being taken away, Dervahl spitefully mocked Erend until he was knocked out by the Vanguard.

He was subsequently placed in a cell under the Sun-Ring while his extradition back to Mainspring was being negotiated. Erend predicted that the Oseram were likely to argue over Dervahl's fate and that in the end, his punishment would be slow and painful.

Associated Quests

Battle Stats

HP Attack Damage Additional Info[1]
300 Tearblaster 140
Bash/Kick 150



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