Devil's Grief (formerly Denver, Colorado)[1] is a ruin site in Horizon Zero Dawn located in the Sacred Lands, south of Hollow Fort Bandit Camp and northeast of Mother's Crown.


The Eclipse came to the Sacred Lands for two reasons: first to kill the Nora girl as ordered by HADES, and to uncover Faro robots to bolster their army. Knowing that Nora law forbade entering ruins of the Metal World, the Eclipse set up their base in the Ring of Metal, in the middle of Devil's Grief and seemingly out of reach for the Nora.

However, thirsty for revenge, a number of Nora Braves found a loophole through Aloy's Seeker blessing to break taboo and enter the ruins.


Ancient Vessels

  • 2.1 Miriam
  • 2.2 USRC
  • 2.3 KZ

Metal Flowers

  • Mark I (E)
  • Mark I (G)

Vantage Points


Text Datapoints - World




  1. Denver Stadium vantage point
  2. Denver tower