"Now, this thing is dangerous!"
―Aloy, upon picking up a Disc Launcher

Disc Launchers are heavy artillery weapons mounted on the backs of Thunderjaws, capable of doing immense blast damage.

How to obtain

Disc Launchers are normally seen in pairs on a Thunderjaw's back and serve as their heaviest weapon. One is mounted above each hip. Using weapons that deal tear damage will rip them off, causing them to fall to the ground, where they can be picked up and used against the Thunderjaw or other machines.


Dealing very high blast damage, the Disc Launcher has an 8-round magazine and fires discs that hover and lock on to a target with laser beams before striking them and exploding. It can inflict critical damage if it hits the right component of any machine, and inflict enough tear damage to rip off weapon components such as Ravager Cannons. It is powerful enough to instantly destroy smaller machines, knock down medium-sized machines and stagger large machines, including Thunderjaws.


  • Very high blast damage, even more so with critical hits.
  • Staggers or knocks down anything it hits.
  • Can tear off weapons and armor.
  • Easy to sever (if one has a Tearblaster or tear arrows).


  • Small magazine, heavily punishes missed shots.
  • Rounds travel rather slowly, making far-off or very agile targets harder to hit.
  • Like all pickup weapons, it slows Aloy down to carry it.


  • The original contraption that is mounted on the Thunderjaw is twice the dropped weapon's size. Once severed and on the ground, it transforms into the dropped device.
  • The severed Disc Launcher fires discs forward. The mounted Disc Launcher fires discs into the air that fire lasers downwards and then explode.
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