Dorgeld is a minor character in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Along with MenufBajund and Garnund, Dorgeld is one of the Oseram mercenaries that Vilgund hired to investigate the Banuk Encampment for anything valuable. Upon discovering an ancient artifact, he and Garnund suggested auctioning it at Pitchcliff; however, Menuf and Bajund refused to have anything to do with it, knowing that if they removed the artifact from the area, the Banuk in the camp below would be massacred by the machines. In spite of this and the artifact's battered condition, Bajund and Dorgeld continue, with Dorgeld believing that even scrap has a price.

Upon being found by Aloy, he refuses to back down from the operation until Aloy threatens him.

Associated Quests

Oseram Characters
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