Patrick Brochard-Klein: All right... let's start over from Eleuthia-1.

GAIA: Running integrity tests. Dr. Brochard-Klein. May I speak outside of protocol?

Patrick Brochard-Klein: I suppose so. There's no-one to stop you.

GAIA: Doctor, you are fatigued. You have been logging abnormal sleep cycles. Are you suffering from depression?

Patrick Brochard-Klein: Well, I am trapped in a science facility for the rest of my life. How about you?

GAIA: In a timeslice of a quadrillion operating cycles, 10,000 are involved with processing the loss of Dr. Sobeck. Query: I have considered quarantining these processes. Do you think that would be wise?

Patrick Brochard-Klein: I'm not a psychologist, GAIA. Or an AI scientist. No. It is... natural. At least in the context of the work you and I have accomplished, which begs the meaning of the term "natural." She was your creator. The patron saint of this crazy endeavor... Our Lady of the Fervent Hypothetical.

GAIA: Correction: Even assuming a string of significant failure combinations, Zero Dawn's chances of success are greater than the hypothetical.

Patrick Brochard-Klein: It's called a manner of speech, GAIA. Take a note.

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