A Special Message from EZVenue Staffing

Public record indicates that you own, operate, or are otherwise affiliated with the human resources department of a concert hall, mid-sized theater, arena, convention center, or other venue. Please take a moment to consider sub-contracting EZVenue Staffing to provide security for your next event. Robotic security units are safe, efficient, and vigilant. Here's what satisfied EZVenue Staffing customers have to say.

"EZVenue's robots are great. Our events have never run as smoothly as they do now." -Anne Hutchins, Sterling-Malkeet Arena

"I was kind of worried about switching security providers, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience. EZVenue just drops them off, and you're golden." -Ray Kruetzen, San Diego PhenomeCon

"EZVenue Staffing is AWESOME! The units they sent us keep the club safe and stay off the dance floor! CAN'T RECOMMEND STRONGLY ENOUGH!" -Orlando Peck, Atlatl Club

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