Charles Ronson: I'm locked out of core control-- Alpha clearance overridden-- What the hell is Omega clearance?

Samina Ebadji: Oh no.

Ted Faro: Alpha Personnel... Sorry to alarm you, but... I need you to listen, okay? To what I'm about to say. This isn't easy. See, I've... uh, Please, stop trying to access the system, okay? See, what this is about... is... I said stop trying to access the goddamn system! What I'm trying to say is, I can't stop thinking about the ones who'll come after us. Those innocents. Those blameless men-- and, and women. We're going to give them knowledge? Like it's a gift?!

Samina Ebadji: Ted. Ted, we've talked about this before. APOLLO has three thousand plus failsafe conditions--

Ted Faro: It's not a gift, it's a disease! They're the cure, and we're going to give them the disease? Our disease?! No. We can't. And it's not too late... if we're willing to sacrifice.

Samina Ebadji: Ted, it doesn't need to be like this.

Ted Faro: It already is, Samina. I did it three minutes ago. I've purged APOLLO. It's gone, all of it. Every copy.

Charles Ronson: A sacrifice? It's not a sacrifice, it's cultural obliteration, you crazy bastard-- millennia of culture--

Ted Faro: I'm sorry. Really, I am. But sometimes, to protect innocents... innocents have to die.


  • This hologram is the only time that Ayomide Okilo, Naoto, or the unnamed Alphas of AETHER and POSEIDON are seen in person.
    • The appearances of each of these characters is randomized, and will change every time the hologram is played. The only consistent characteristic is their genders; there are always three men and one woman.

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