Code Expert: The protocols use Polyphasic Entangled Waveforms. Quantum encryption, Black Quartz stuff, way beyond military-grade. That's what you demanded, so that's what we delivered.

Ted Faro: You don't code something you can't crack. All we need is a back door. Upload the latest service pack update and the problem goes away.

Code Expert: You specifically forbade us from leaving anything resembling a back door in code: "Every protocol to Black Quartz standard." Your words. Look. If you need me to fudge some projections, it's nothing we haven't done before.

Ted Faro: I don't need fudged projections! I need a way to reassert control over the Hartz-Timor swarm.

Code Expert: ...I don't know what to tell you, Ted. You're asking the impossible.

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