Ersa was the Captain of the Oseram Vanguard and older sister of Erend in Horizon Zero Dawn.



During the Red Raids, Ersa was one of the people taken by Jiran who were to be sacrificed. She managed to prevent herself from being sacrificed after surviving in the Sun-Ring. For her actions, she was made a palace slave and befriended Avad, who helped her to escape back to her homeland. Ersa was one of the notable supporters of Avad, and with the help of her and her Oseram Freebooters, Avad successfully freed Meridian from the brutal reign of Jiran and made the Freebooters his personal Vanguard, with Ersa as their Captain.

Ersa was also crucial in maintaining peace between the Oseram and Carja despite rocky relations. In secret, she'd also begun an affair with the new Sun-King, which they kept under wraps because it would likely incur the ire of the notoriously xenophobic Carja nobility.


Ersa had received a request to parlay from Dervahl. Knowing that it was a trap, she refused to inform Erend of this meeting. Ersa headed to the site with a group of Vanguard, confident that she and her men could survive the ambush. 

However, they were unexpectedly caught by a sonic device that paralyzed them, resulting in the slaughter of the group. Ersa was left alive, and a substitute body with a ruined face was planted to mislead the Oseram into thinking Ersa was dead. She was then transported into Dervahl's Camp, where Dervahl attempted to break Ersa's spirit by torturing her. By the time Aloy and Erend discovered her, Ersa's wounds were too severe. Ersa warned Erend that Dervahl had something big planned in Meridian, and gently berated Erend to quickly grow up, as Avad needed him. After reassurance from her brother that he would, Ersa died in Erend's arms.


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