FROM: Patrick Brochard-Klein
TO: Elisabet Sobeck
SUBJECT: FZ Chambers

The ectogenic chambers arrived two days ago.

I've spent the last 36 hours examining them and poring over technical documentation.

They're a revelation. Astonishing.

I don't know what you had to give Far Zenith in trade to get these chambers - but it was worth it. In a single leap, their embryologists have vaulted past fifty years of technological shortcomings. The risks of ECMO - resolved. Nutrition delivery - resolved. Hormonal stability - resolved. Twelve other risk areas - resolved.

Before I examined these chambers, I considered the Odyssey to be a fool's errand. But if the rest of FZ's technology is at this level, well... a human colony around Sirius doesn't seem so impossible after all.

Mass fabrication of the chambers will present a number of challenges, but I'm confident they can be resolved. I'm going to rest for a few hours, then get back to it. Expect a fabrication plan within 48 hours.


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