The Firespitter is a short-range incendiary cannon capable of high blast damage.

How to obtain

Firespitters can be obtained from Heavy-type human enemies. Take down the Heavy wielding it and it will be ready for use.


Fired from the hip and dealing varying levels of damage, this weapon comes with a 30-round magazine and fires primitive but powerful rockets that attach to a target and explode to great effect. Aloy can bring down a large number of machines before the magazine is spent and the weapon must be dropped, as it cannot be reloaded.


  • High blast damage.
  • Removes components with ease.
  • Large magazine (compared to the other explosive pickup weapon: the Disc Launcher).
  • Knocks over or staggers anything it hits.


  • Dangerous to the user in close quarters.
  • Ammunition can be rapidly depleted.
  • Inaccurate past medium range, as the rockets arc in flight.
  • Like all pickup weapons, it slows Aloy down while carrying it.


  • The Firespitter works like a handheld Hwacha.
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