Sylens: I traveled far to find you. I heard your transmission... it was you, wasn't it?

HADES: Entity is not known.

Sylens: I am called Sylens. And you are...? I don't think you'd have called out... if there wasn't something you wanted. You called, I responded. Will you tell me your name?


Sylens: You are a creation of the ancients? A war machine?

HADES: Define timeline.

Sylens: Time...? Ah. It is the 13th king of the Carja Sundom's reign--

HADES: Define Carja.

Sylens: We're getting ahead of ourselves. Were you created by the ancients? I wonder how long you waited here, buried, until I chanced upon you... How long you'd have to wait for another. You're obviously very powerful. But you're not going to get anywhere without me.

HADES: Titan frame merely houses intellect. Define Carja.

Sylens: Now that's more like it.

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