FROM: Elisabet Sobeck
TO: Margo Shĕn
SUBJECT: Full Steam Ahead

Margo -

If I doubted your brilliance in the slightest, I wouldn't have picked you as the HEPHAESTUS Alpha. You need to stop worrying about your age and communication style. You are who you are. Have confidence in yourself. You know what you're doing.

Case in point: the latest draft of your plan for the construction and stocking of bootstrap silos to store raw materials is excellent. This, combined with your design for the AM foundry core and the foundry site selection plan, add up to a comprehensive plan. It's time to start construction.

One detail: consult with Ayomide Okilo before you finalize the silo inventories. HEPHAESTUS's first task will be to fabricate the robots that will construct the waveform broadcast towers MINERVA will use to transmit the deactivation codes - so any exotic materials needed for the towers should be accounted for in the inventory plan.


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