Elisabet Sobeck: You will undergo a brief period of unconsciousness... during relocation to Prime and final instatement.

GAIA: Elisabet, may I speak outside protocol?

Elisabet Sobeck: When you're back up and running at the new site, we'll bring the subordinate functions online and see where we stand.

GAIA: Elisabet, I detect... distress. Are you all right?

Elisabet Sobeck: I'm fine.

GAIA: I realize that circumstances compel us to launch earlier than we hoped, but all sub-systems are operational. The odds stand in our favor.

Elisabet Sobeck: But what if - ? GAIA... there's nothing left out there... you can't even survive unless you're wearing an environmental suit. There are billions dead... in fear and agony. What if... What if it was all for nothing...?

GAIA: Elisabet, extinction was inevitable. Thanks to you, life will have a future.

Elisabet Sobeck: You really believe that?

GAIA: I believe in you, Elisabet. In you, all th -

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