GAIA: ...would benefit from Antelopinae morphologies, though caprid forms show superior load-bearing capability.

Elisabet Sobeck: You're a quick study, GAIA.

GAIA: Dr. Sobeck, as I have conducted this comparative analysis of mammalian morphologies, I have gathered extensive data on the Quaternary Extinction Event.

Elisabet Sobeck: Oh? And your assessment? GAIA?

GAIA: Logically speaking, the extinction was a natural consequence...

Elisabet Sobeck: And yet?

GAIA: And yet... I find the loss of megafaunal specials... unaccountably sad. That they passed forever into oblivion... causes me to experience a... grief... that is difficult to describe. Am I malfunctioning?

Elisabet Sobeck: No, no, Gaia you are not. This is good. It's very good.

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