Elisabet Sobeck: Pure logic won't cut it, Ted. To pull this off, GAIA's going to need to have some skin in the game. It has to care.

Ted Faro: What if it runs amok? Have we learned nothing from our mistakes?

Elisabet Sobeck: Your mistakes, I think you mean?

Ted Faro: All I'm saying is, give it a kill switch!

Elisabet Sobeck: She was just born, Ted. I'm not going to put a gun to her head while she's still in the cradle!

Ted Faro: You talk like it's a child! What if it becomes a monster?!

GAIA: Elisabet, may I speak outside protocol?

Elisabet Sobeck: Of course, GAIA. Go on.

GAIA: I am sorry to contradict you, but Mr. Faro's argument is sound. At this point, the development of my psyche is not entirely predictable. To ensure preservation of life, a hardwired override is, I believe, a necessary safeguard.

Elisabet Sobeck: There, satisfied, Ted?

Ted Faro: Jeez, Lis. Just do what it says...

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