Gatherer is a learnable Forager skill in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Gatherer increases the percentage of health points Aloy gains when looting medicinal plant resources, such as Salvebrush and Ochrebloom. This skill is valuable when learned early in the game as it will maximize the amount of resources available.

Additionally, the Gatherer skill allows Aloy to loot two extra stems from each Ridge-Wood plant gathered. The skill does not extend to other plants.


This table illustrates the impact of the Gatherer skill on the amount of health extracted from each of the medicinal plants available to loot.

Plant Type Base Amount With Gatherer
Medicinal Hintergold 10% 12%
Medicinal Valley's Blush 12% 14%
Medicinal Salvebrush 15% 18%
Medicinal Ochrebloom 16% 19%
Medicinal Wild Ember 20% 24%
Medicinal Grey Omen 20% 24%
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